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Supporting people to live well until last breaths is a measure of our humanity and our society. And helping families stay well and cope through bereavement is the mark of a compassionate community. Recognizing that lives are lived from beginning to end, we are called to help people live their Life in Every Moment as best we can.

But we can’t do it without you.

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Creating Life in Every Moment
But We Can’t do it Without You.

To continue to provide Niagara West the gold standard in end-of-life care, McNally House Hospice relies on the generosity of our community to help us raise more than $800,000 each year to cover our operating expenses. This holiday season, please consider McNally House Hospice in your gift giving.

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Where Compassion Meets Community

McNally House Hospice exists to provide caring, supportive and compassionate hospice palliative care services to residents and their families in Niagara West.


More than $800,000 of our annual operating costs requires fundraising each year.

1,100 residents served since 2008.

This year volunteers contributed over 14,000 hours each year; a savings of over $205,000.

This year, our bereavement program hosted six virtual support groups and provided over 530 hours of individual counselling.

This year, over 700 hours of psycho-spiritual counselling sessions were held with individuals and families. An online caregiver support group is held bi-weekly and a caregiver walking group was added this year.

“This year, nine virtual compassionate community workshops were held with over 100 people participating.”

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