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At McNally House Hospice, we feel privileged to provide compassionate, person-centred care to not only our residents, but their family and friends. For every one resident we care for at the hospice, there are at least five family and friends that will require our support.

But we can’t do it without you.

In addition to provincial funding to cover nursing costs, more than $1M is needed annually to ensure the hospice residence and all other community programs remain available.

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Finding Compassion in the Moment

Life is made up of a collection of moments and at end of life these moments become more precious, poignant, and meaningful. Over the last 15 years, the staff and volunteers at McNally House Hospice have had the privilege and honour to witness and be a part of thousands of moments. Moments of joy, of loss, of love; simple moments that will never be forgotten. Each of these become a part of the story of those we care for, and each of these moments is filled with compassion.

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Where Compassion Meets Community

McNally House Hospice exists to provide caring, supportive and compassionate hospice palliative care services to residents and their families in Niagara West.


More than $1M of our annual operating costs requires fundraising each year.

1,222 residents served since 2008.

Over 6,110 family members have been supported since 2008.

This year volunteers contributed over 14,000 hours each year; a savings of over $252,000.

This year, our bereavement program hosted 10 support groups and provided over 450 hours of individual counselling.

This year, over 750 hours of psycho-spiritual counselling sessions were held with individuals and families. Caregiver support group has provided 14 caregivers with a safe and empathetic space to share their stories. 

This year, 11 compassionate community workshops were held with over 115 people participating.

This year, over 220 hours of Art Therapy sessions were held and 98 pieces of Legacy Art were completed

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