Family Stories & Testimonials

Joan Edmondson

The Edmondson Family Story

“Death is a difficult journey we must all take, but McNally House Hospice showed my family that it can be done beautifully,” explains Beth Carravagio of Beamsville.

Over the last two and a half years Beth, her siblings Gordon, Sandra, Kenneth, and their families, have dealt with the loss of their much loved parents, Joan and Murray Edmondson.

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Meet the Fracchioni Family

The Fracchioni Family Story

It’s a bright afternoon and the Fracchioni family is gathered around the dining room table to share Sunday lunch like they have done so many times before. But as the family laughs and shares stories, it quickly becomes clear that a very special person is missing from this gregarious bunch.

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Ann Durham | Meditation Group

Ann Durham

For Ann Durham facing the reality of her husband Jim’s sudden death seemed insurmountable – until she found McNally House Hospice. Ann and Jim shared a wonderful life. 54 years of marriage, five great kids, and a growing number of grandchildren! After living in Burlington for 47 years, they sold their family home and looked forward to many happy years of retirement in Grimsby. Unfortunately these plans would be cut short.

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Damion Mackey

The Mackey Family

Damion Mackey was as energetic and lively as any little boy you could imagine. He kept his parents Lynn and Tim Mackey constantly on the go! But at around the age of seven, Lynn noticed Damion was having problems with his balance, and then his speech started to change. After many rounds with different doctors, Damion was diagnosed with Juvenile Huntington’s disease.

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The McDaniel's Family

Meet The McDaniel’s

“He lived larger than life.” This is how Becky McDaniel describes her husband Darryl who passed away all too soon at the young age of forty-seven on August 22, 2015. For more than two years Darryl fought a courageous battle with cancer, all the time living every day to its fullest.

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McNally House Staff and Volunteers Key to Bringing Compassion to our Community

Alyson & Janice

McNally House Hospice strives to bring unconditional compassion to the Niagara West community. This promise would not be possible without the dedication and caring of the truly unique individuals who are its staff and volunteers.

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Meet Lew Ayre

Lew Ayre

As a very young man “Lefty” Lew Ayre had the choice to either follow a blossoming hockey career with the Boston Bruins, or join the Canadian forces in the struggle overseas during WWII. This was a decision that would have perplexed most, but for Lew, who lived his life with a strong sense of purpose and the desire to do his part, the answer was simple and he enlisted immediately becoming a member of the Lincoln-Welland Regiment.

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Joe( Johan) Van Rooijen at McNally House Hospice

Joe Van Rooijen

End of life is the most difficult journey we must all take, but for Joe (Johan) Van Rooijen McNally House Hospice provided hope and the opportunity for peaceful reflection at the end of a life well lived.

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Cole's Florist | Proud McNally House Hospice Supporter

The DeVries Family

It would be hard to find someone in the communities of Niagara West who is not familiar with Cole’s Florist. The long standing, family operated Grimsby establishment has been there to help many of us celebrate life’s special occasions – births, graduations, weddings, holidays – and to also console us during the difficult ones such as a loss of a loved one.

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