Since retiring, I have been searching for beneficial and rewarding experiences that would also give back to the community.  McNally House has been one of those experiences.  After talking to friends and hearing them say “I don’t think I could do that” I thought there is only one way to find out.  I signed up for the 30 hour training program and have never looked back.  Additional benefit… you meet some wonderful people along the way.

Pat M joined the McNally family May 2013

After watching my dear Mom diminishing a millimeter at a time with unbelievable dignity and grace in an environment that was anything but “homey” I knew I had to do something to honour her memory.  Every week that I walk into McNally she is there with me and we know that we are making a positive difference in someone else’s end of life journey.

Donna G – joined the McNally family May 2012

IMG_0190It has been over 5 years I have been volunteering at McNally House and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me.  I never really ever stepped foot into a hospice nor did I really understand what was involved. It wasn’t until experience personal loss that had a profound impact on me on so many levels. Trying to understand all the emotions and dealing with so many things all at the same time.

For me losing a loved one and seeing them take their last breath will stay with me for the rest of my life.  End of life is an important part of our circle life, one we will all complete. I have been very fortunate to meet so many wonderful families who have shared many stories about their loved ones. I have been held for endless hugs and amongst many shared tears there was some laughter too. Allowing me to be part of their journey means more than I could have even imagined as a volunteer. The importance of having McNally part of our community is essential in providing the care, abundance of love needed to so many families in our community.  After all… every community is a family and we should all take care of each other always. This is the house that the community built and one I am proud to be part of.

Gordana M- joined the McNally family 2008

I am a fairly new volunteer at McNally and I cannot get enough of being there.  I completely enjoy the experience each and every shift I work.  The Staff and the Volunteers that I have met and worked with are very helpful, supportive and without a doubt this was the best decision I made.  This is a truly rewarding experience.  I truly feel it is a privilege getting to be a part of the Residents life and meeting them and their Families.

Lisa H – joined the McNally family November 2013