Psycho-Spiritual Services & Groups

“Let death be what takes us, not a lack of imagination” – Zen Hospice Project

Psycho-Spiritual Services

Our Psycho-spiritual program is focused on providing resident/client centered care. This support is offered in collaboration between us at McNally House and the Niagara West Palliative Care Team. Our Psycho-Spiritual Clinician works with residents, families, and loved ones, both here at McNally house as well as with palliative patients out in the community. He would be happy to speak with any residents, families, or friends, who have questions or are having difficulties around end of life care.

Some possible reasons for meeting might include:

• Talking about anticipatory grief
• Talking about how to support children in the family
• Exploring any unresolved worries or concerns for those who will be left behind
• Learning relaxation exercises that can help you manage anxiety, grief and/or distress
• Sharing stories and memories about the resident and loved ones

• Creating special memories: Once we get to know more about the residents and their families, there might be an opportunity to plan something special (like a dinner party or movie night or anything that reflects what the resident is passionate about). Please talk to us about it, our staff and volunteers would love to help you create lasting memories with your loved ones.
• Sharing any values and exploring questions related to life, meaning and purpose
• Addressing any practical needs such as securing a POA, wills, funeral/burial arrangements

Many might find it comforting to create some sort of legacy work or life’s story, and we would be happy to assist you in doing so. If you feel like discussing any thoughts or concern you are having, please let our staff know and our Psycho-Spiritual Clinician would be more than happy to come and talk with you.

Psycho-Spiritual Groups and Workshops


Caregiver’s Corner- An Online Drop-in Support Group

Caregiving for a loved one can be both very rewarding and undeniably challenging. And doing so while being asked to practice physical distancing can make it even more difficult. Join us for this online support group to connect with other caregivers in a safe, supportive environment. Share your experiences, or just come to listen, as we discuss caregiving during a time of uncertainty and isolation. Please note, you only need to register once to attend any of the group sessions. Please attend as many groups or as few groups as you like.

Every Other Thursday 2 pm-3 pm, starting September 23rd. 

Register Now


Caregiver’s Walk 

Join McNally House and other caregivers for a leisurely walk and conversation. Join this group along with Caregiver’s Corner or on its own. This group will meet at the pavilion at Coronation Park, Grimsby (77 Main St. West)

This group is a drop-in attend at you wish, no registration required. 

Every Other Thursday 11 am-Noon, starting September 30th.



Please contact Arthur Loik – Psycho-Spiritual Clinician (905-309-4013 ext. 33) if you have any questions, are interested in seeking support, or to register for any of the psycho-spiritual groups.