Hold a Third Party Event

McNally House Hospice partners with individuals and community organizations to help organize activities that are meaningful to them while at the same time, helping to raise the important funds needed to improve the quality of life of the terminally-ill in our community. Read more on events, which you could participate in, or how we could help you with holding your own event to satisfy your charitable goals


We state this information in advance so that there are no misunderstandings with regards to our ability to participate and support your fundraising event.

To hold a third party fundraising event, approval must be granted by the hospice. The initial step to gain approval is to fill out the “Third Party Event Agreement ”; a form signed by both the Hospice and the third party event planner, stating liability and the percentage of net proceeds to be donated to the Hospice.

A third party event is defined as one where:

  • The event is initiated by an outside party;
  • A portion of the funds are designated to the hospice;
  • The Hospice’s name is only used in advertising to state the hospice as the designated recipient of the event proceeds;
  • The hospice staff involvement is minimal;
  • The hospice does not issue tax receipts other than to donations made out directly to the McNally House Hospice.

The organizing party is asked to complete an “Event Details Form” which will state the necessary event details, such as the nature of the event, time, place and contact information, as well as provide the Hospice with your expectations on materials and services required from us (e.g. Promotional Materials, Hospice Representative Speaker, etc.). The resources to be provided by the Hospice will be discussed between the parties prior to the event. The hospice can provide resources to assist with the event from promotional material to ideas. However, the responsibility remains with the promoters for selling tickets and volunteer recruitment.

The hospice will only receipt according to the ‘Tax Receipting Procedures” which is in compliance with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Guidelines. The Hospice does not issue tax receipts for Third Party Events unless it is a straight donation made out directly to the McNally House Hospice. If the promoter has any questions regarding receipting, they are to contact the Hospice.

The hospice cannot fund or reimburse any expenses incurred throughout the planning and execution of the event.

The organizing party is asked to complete a “Post Event Form” including a Financial Statement and submit within 30 days of completion of the event, so that the hospice will have information on post-event accounting for revenue and expenditures, number of participants, etc.

The hospice reserves the right to require a representation from the auditor/public accountant of the company/organization stating that the revenues and expenses are accurate as presented.

The hospice’s name should be on all appropriate promotional materials. However, use of our name requires express approval before usage. The Hospice’s name is only used to announce that we are the recipients of the proceeds from the event.

By publicly naming the hospice as the beneficiary of your event, you are required to donate the full amount agreed upon, of the net proceeds, to the Hospice within 30 days of the event. The third party individual or organization agrees to handle all monetary transactions for the fundraising event.

The hospice does not participate in any door to door fundraising initiatives or social gaming events, or support organizations which do so on its behalf.

Upon request, the hospice can provide a letter of support to be used to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizers.

The hospice cannot share mailing lists of donors, clients or families in accordance to its privacy policy.

The hospice cannot guarantee staff or volunteer attendance at your event.

Most venues require the third party event to provide evidence that it carries a minimum of $2.0 million in public liability insurance and must indemnify the hospice for all damages, costs, claims and/or expenses arising from the event.

The hospice policy is to acknowledge and recognize the contribution and effort made to McNally House Hospice. A Donor Recognition Program has been established separate and apart from any recognition that may be received from a third party event.

Feel free to discuss with the Hospice representative how your event may be recognized.

Before you begin organizing the Event, it is important that certain terms and conditions be established. The attached Agreement sets out these terms and we would request that you read the Agreement in its entirety before signing. If you have any questions in respect of the Agreement, please feel free to call us and we would be more than happy to discuss it with you!