Family Stories & Testimonials

Meet Erika

Erika Werner was deeply familiar with the care and compassion given to others in a health care setting. She was a registered nurse for more than fifty years, as well as, the founder of Rainbow Residence, a seniors’ residence.

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Meet Sue

In March, 2008, Sue Gracey was hired at the newly built McNally House Hospice, in Grimsby as a Personal Support Worker (PSW). Sue was part of the team that welcomed the first resident to McNally on April 7, 2008.

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Meet Murray

It was fitting that he spent his final days at McNally House Hospice. The care provided at McNally House, was well known to Murray and his family. Maureen, his wife, was admitted to McNally in 2017.

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Meet Dr. Marshall

It’s a formative time for McNally House. This year has brought the excitement of a new building campaign, at the same time COVID-19 has required intense changes. Given this dynamic time, Dr. Denise Marshall, co-founder, inaugural Board Chair and Medical Director of McNally House, was asked to reflect on the realities at this moment in time.

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Charles “Moore” Smalley

Born in Toronto, Charles “Moore” Smalley began his professional life as an educator in London, holding various teaching and administrative positions for twenty three years. He was always a teacher, guiding others through the steps of a process, which generally meant doing it Moore’s way.

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Sandy Orr

Meet Sandy & Rick

In May, 2019, Sandy and Rick Orr celebrated their thirtieth wedding anniversary in an unusual way. Rick is brought to tears when telling the story of how he and his beloved wife, Sandy, shared a specially catered dinner, with their favourite music, and candlelight.

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Darryl Perry

The Perry Family Story

“He was my Dad. He was a brother, son, husband, friend, high school sweetheart, cousin, and grandfather. His name was and will always be Darryl Perry. I told you I would get your story out one day and that it would be used to help others. You still inspire me.”
–  Love Jay.

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Dot Van Wieren

Meet Dot

The day that Dot Van Wieren came to McNally House Hospice in late September 2019, her bright eyes were wide and twinkling expressing the wonder and inner happiness that she has held within her all of her life. Since that day, she has spread that happiness to all the staff and volunteers with whom she has interacted.

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Ashley De Foa

Meet Ashley

Ashley De Foa was the first girl to be born on the De Foa side of the family in sixty-five years! Such was the joy and surprise, that for her whole life, Ashley was loved, almost revered by all members of the family. In return, Ashley loved deeply, always making decisions for the best of the family to make them happy.

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