Family Stories & Testimonials

Dot Van Wieren

Meet Dot

The day that Dot Van Wieren came to McNally House Hospice in late September 2019, her bright eyes were wide and twinkling expressing the wonder and inner happiness that she has held within her all of her life. Since that day, she has spread that happiness to all the staff and volunteers with whom she has interacted.

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Ashley De Foa

Meet Ashley

Ashley De Foa was the first girl to be born on the De Foa side of the family in sixty-five years! Such was the joy and surprise, that for her whole life, Ashley was loved, almost revered by all members of the family. In return, Ashley loved deeply, always making decisions for the best of the family to make them happy.

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Ernie & Shirley

Meet Ernie & Shirley

Ernie Brunet knew the importance of family. He was a loving husband to his wife Shirley for sixty-one years and father to four children, Tony, Joanne, Alex and Gerald. Ernie took his role as father seriously, working hard to ensure that his family had a roof over their heads, food on the table, an education and participation in sports and clubs.

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Connie Elford

Connie’s Story

Connie Elford lived precisely in each moment and took the time to really appreciate what was beautiful or unusual. Where others saw the norm, Connie always experienced the exceptional.

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Todd & Amanda Pyper

The Pyper Family Story

Mention the name Todd Pyper in Grimsby and it’s likely many people will have a story to share. Outgoing, friendly and giving, Todd’s energy touched the entire community and community in turn was very important to Todd.

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Frank & Anne's Wedding

Meet Frank & Anne

Champagne and romance are not what someone might expect to find at McNally House, but Frank Huskins, named the “most romantic man on the planet” by his partner Anne Kravchenko, made that happen.

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Edward Carter Edwards

A True Fighting Spirit

A true fighting spirit defined the life of Edward Carter-Edwards. Not even horrific conditions in a Nazi concentration camp could shake his positive outlook, and almost in defiance of those experiences, he lived a life full of joy and love.

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Kathie, Chris & Jenn

Kathie’s Lasting Legacy

Selfless was the word that both Chris and Jennifer used to describe their mother Kathie. She lived her life to the fullest, whether hiking along the Bruce Trail, exploring Italy or simply spending time at the family cottage. Everything she did was always centred around other people. She genuinely cared about the stories and situations of others.

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Claire Matthews, owner of Yoga Truly in Grimsby

Finding Peace

One of the basic foundations of yoga is the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” And Claire Matthews, owner of Yoga Truly in Grimsby, is an embodiment of that yogic philosophy. As a Compassionate Community initiative, Claire works with McNally House to bring a safe and serene space to people experiencing grief. Once a week, the studio offers a free class geared specifically to those who are journeying through grief; a class that is open, welcoming, gentle and, above all, restorative in every sense.

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