Family Stories & Testimonials

Joe( Johan) Van Rooijen at McNally House Hospice

Joe Van Rooijen

End of life is the most difficult journey we must all take, but for Joe (Johan) Van Rooijen McNally House Hospice provided hope and the opportunity for peaceful reflection at the end of a life well lived.

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Cole's Florist | Proud McNally House Hospice Supporter

The DeVries Family

It would be hard to find someone in the communities of Niagara West who is not familiar with Cole’s Florist. The long standing, family operated Grimsby establishment has been there to help many of us celebrate life’s special occasions – births, graduations, weddings, holidays – and to also console us during the difficult ones such as a loss of a loved one.

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Jim Wright

The Wright Family Story

For 43 years, Jim Wright was an active member of the Grimsby community where he and wife Barbara raised their family.

In 2008 Jim was diagnosed with cancer, and in February 2009 he became a resident at McNally House.

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Al Gunn

The Gunn Family Story

Compassion – this one word best describes the Gunn family’s experience at McNally House Hospice.

In 2009, Al Gunn, loving husband of Trish and doting father of Ryan and Aimee, was diagnosed with acinic cell carcinoma.

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Derek & Linda Nagel

The Nagel’s Family Story

Linda Nagels couldn’t have planned a more storybook ending than the one her family and the staff at McNally House still love to talk about. Linda’s story is the second in a three-part series on living, loss and learning to heal, and the special role that McNally House Hospice plays in our community.

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The Ridder family

The Ridder Family Story

The Ridder family is truly amazing.  Their story is one of loss, living and learning to heal, and the special role that McNally House Hospice plays in our community.

Carolyn and Gerry Ridder, raised their four children Caryn, Paul, Jennifer and Rachel in St. Anns.   At all to young an age, their children have been forced to deal with the death of both their parents.

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The MacGirr Family Story

Although Bert MacGirr and wife Dorothy always knew about McNally House, it wasn’t until Dorothy needed end of life care that the MacGirr family really understood the unique and special role the hospice plays in our community.

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