Helping Make a Difference at McNally House Hospice – One Business at a Time

It would be hard to find someone in the communities of Niagara West who is not familiar with Cole’s Florist. The long standing, family operated Grimsby establishment has been there to help many of us celebrate life’s special occasions – births, graduations, weddings, holidays – and to also console us during the difficult ones such as a loss of a loved one.  As Cole`s helps people commemorate the milestones of their lives, it was only logical that they would become a community partner for McNally House Hospice.

From the hospice’s inception in 2008, Cole`s has supported McNally House through various activities.  From their Christmas Open House event and silent auction, to their Christmas Trees for Charity, to the beautification of the hospice including the decorative pond that was generously donated by Cole’s and Aquascape.  “God has blessed us through the support of our community and its our privilege and responsibility as a business to give back,” explains Harry DeVries, owner and operator of Cole`s Florist.

The DeVries family has had personal experience with the care and compassion McNally House provides and they encourage all local businesses to learn more. “Everyone should visit the McNally House website ( and read the resident testimonials – they speak for themselves,” states Harry.  “And it’s easy for businesses to get involved.  Whether it’s through a fundraiser of their own, or supporting McNally House’s initiatives such as their annual Charity Golf Classic.  Businesses who want to get involved can simply enter a foursome or sponsor a hole.” (To learn more about the 2015 Charity Golf Classic contact McNally House at 905-309-4013.)

Harry points out that although McNally House has supported over 551 residents of Niagara West to date, the hospice`s reach is much greater if you consider all the family and friends of each person who spends time at the hospice.  “End of life affects us all, we should all support a place in our community that can help make this less difficult for the individual and their loved ones,” Harry explains.