The Fracchioni Family Story

It’s a bright afternoon and the Fracchioni family is gathered around the dining room table to share Sunday lunch like they have done so many times before. But as the family laughs and shares stories, it quickly becomes clear that a very special person is missing from this gregarious bunch.

The family is still mourning the recent loss of their husband and farther Ernesto who passed away on Oct. 26, 2015.   A shy man with never a bad word to say about anyone, Ernesto lived his life guided by the philosophy that family comes first and to always lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

Born in Italy, Ernesto moved to Canada in 1950 following the War. He settled in Beamsville where he started a successful construction company with his family. It was here that Ernesto and his wife Letizia would live a full life together watching their 4 children Milena, John, Roberta and Roberto grow up, and then welcomed sons and daughter in-laws into the family, followed by 6 precious grandchildren.

It was in his 90th year that Ernesto’s health began to fail.  When the situation became critical, the family looked for care options that would allow Ernesto to live his last days in the keeping of the philosophy that had sustained him his entire life – he would want his family near him.   McNally House Hospice became the clear option for the Fracchioni’s.

“As soon as Pa came to McNally House, the situation for all of us became so much better,” explained John, “Pa was more at peace and we were all calmer.”   McNally House allowed the Facchioni’s to say good bye to their beloved husband and father in a place that felt like home, with the support of staff and volunteers who provided genuine compassion to Ernesto and every member of the family. “The staff at McNally just knew how to make Pa feel at ease, and also what we needed as a family to cope in a very difficult time,” explained Milena.  “When we walked through the door at McNally we were all greeted by our first names and offered a hot cup of coffee – the personal care was amazing,” said Roberto. “You felt that sense of relief and welcome instantly, we could just focus on Pa”.

But most important McNally House was a place they could all be together. In the four short days that Ernesto was at McNally, many Fracchioni family members came and went, often staying the night.   It provided the Facchioni’s the closeness as a family they needed to say goodbye and it provided Ernesto the comfort of knowing they were all together as a family one last time.  Simply put, “we need more places like McNally,” states Letizia.

McNally also embodies the selflessness that Ernesto valued so much – simply helping others in need without question. In keeping with this key value their father instilled in them, the Fracchioni’s have paid forward the kindness they received from McNally House by generously donating a freezer that will be filled with meals for future residents and their families to enjoy.